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Here you will find information about different horse breeds that are popular in the united states.

Popular horse breeds in the US

arabian horseArabian

The Arab horse is easily recognized on its distinctive head shape and high tail carriage. As the name suggests, the Arabian – also known as the Arab horse – come from the Arabian Peninsula. It is one of the oldest extant horse breeds and has been around for several thousand years. The oldest remains of Arabian-looking horses investigated by archaeologists in the Middle East are dated to roughly 4,500 years ago. Read more…


The Appaloosa is a United States horse breed strongly associated with the Native American Nez Perce (Niimíípu) people. Unsurprisingly, it is a close relative of the Nez Perce horse breed.The Appaloosa is a very popular horse breed in the United States, where it is used for both Western riding and English riding. It is also an appreciated choice for trail riding and endurance activities.  Read more…


The Mustang is a United States horse breed that chiefly hails from horses brought to the Americas by the Spaniards during the colonial era. A lot of mustangs are kept by private owners, but there are also large populations of feral mustangs living in places such as Nevada and Oregon. Read more…

Thoroughbred horseThoroughbred

The Thoroughbred is an English horse breed known for being tall, slim and athletic; highly capable of both ample speed and remarkable agility. It is a very common choice for activities such as horse racing, show jumping, fox hunting, dressage, and horse polo. Read more…

Missouri Fox TrotterMissouri Fox Trotter

The Missouri Fox Trotter developed in the Ozark Mountains in the United States in the early 19th century, where the settlers needed horses suitable for working with livestock in this type of environment. The Missouri Fox Trotter (MFT) is known for its high stamina and “fox trot” gait. It is a muscular mid-sized horse with a stock horse build. The fox trot gait is an adaptation to working in the rocky terrain of the Ozark Mountains. Read more…

american draft horseAmerican Cream Draft (ACD) horse

This draft horse breed was developed in the United States in the early 20th century when horse and carriage was still a common mode of transportation. The American Cream Draft (ACD) horse is a medium-heavy horse known for its sure-footedness and easy movements. It is distinguished by its creamy colour – formally known as gold champagne – and mesmerizing amber eyes. Read more …

More popular breeds

  • Quarter Horse: Named for their incredible speed in quarter-mile races, Quarter Horses are versatile and used in various equestrian sports including rodeo events.
  • Andalusian: Originating from the Iberian Peninsula, they are used in dressage and are known for their strength, intelligence, and sensitivity.
  • Clydesdale: This breed, originally from Scotland, is known for its large size and is often used as a draft horse.
  • Morgan: A versatile breed that excels in a variety of disciplines including show jumping, dressage, and driving.
  • Paint Horse: Known for their unique patterns of white and dark coat colors, they are often used for western pleasure riding and as cow horses.
  • Hanoverian: Originating in Germany, this breed is known for its strength and athleticism. They are popular in Olympic equestrian sports like dressage and show jumping.
  • Tennessee Walking Horse: Known for its smooth gaits, notably the “running walk,” this breed is often used for pleasure riding.
  • Friesian: Originating in the Netherlands, they are known for their black color and long, flowing mane and tail. They are used both as carriage horses and in dressage.
  • Shire: One of the tallest breeds, Shires are draft horses that are calm and are often used for heavy pulling.
  • Welsh Pony and Cob: Versatile and hardy, they are used in a variety of equestrian sporting events.
  • Icelandic Horse: Small, long-lived, and hardy, they are known for their sure-footedness and ability to cross rough terrain.
  • Lipizzaner: Known for their impressive moves and used in the classical dressage of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.
  • Shetland Pony: Small in stature but strong, they are popular as children’s pets and are used for riding and driving.
  • Oldenburg: An elegant and tall sport horse, famous for its jumping ability as well as skills in dressage.
  • Miniature Horse: Noted for their small size, they are often kept as family pets and are sometimes used as service animals.
  • Trakehner: A warmblood horse of East Prussian origin known for their athletic ability, used in various equestrian disciplines.
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